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Entertaining and informative performances that blend narrative, music, and stunning visuals to tell well-known and often unfamiliar chapters of the Arizona story. The one-hour, two-person presentations are ideal for schools, libraries, museums, tourism agencies, business and government retreats, and conferences and conventions.


Click on the following presentations for more information.*

The Ballad of Arizona

Unique cultural events leading to Statehood

AZ Flag (Main)_edited_edited.jpg

Along the California Trail

Adventures following the Gila River

Gila River (Main)_edited.jpg

Finding the Land Ethic in Arizona

The state’s role in shaping U.S. environmental policy

Leopold (Main)_edited.png

Honkytonks, Brothels and
Mining Camps

Entertainment in old Arizona

Can can cafe (Main)jpg_edited.jpg


The mysteries behind one of
Arizona’s most recognizable icons

Kokopelli (Main)_edited.jpg

The Literature of Arizona

Authors who define and reveal
our amazing state

Vanished AZ (Main) 2_edited.jpg

Miners, Cowboys, and Washerwomen

Work songs of Arizona

Banjo Cowboy (Main)_edited.jpg

Musical Instruments of Arizona

Strings, winds, and percussion
that reflect Southwest culture

Jay Plays (Main)_edited.jpg

Pathways of Water

Songs and stories of Arizona’s waterways

Horseshoe Bend (Main)_edited.jpg

* The honorarium for some talks may be partially underwritten by Arizona Humanities. Please call for information regarding which presentations are eligible.

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