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Honkytonks, Brothels, and Mining Camps

Entertainment in old Arizona 

In pioneer Arizona among the best places to experience the performing arts were in the mining camps. Striking it rich meant having disposable income, and miners, like the well-heeled of the Gilded Age, wanted to demonstrate their sophistication with culture.

From the early popular music of ragtime and minstrelsy during the forming of these communities, evolved orchestras, opera, and glee clubs, all in hamlets like Tombstone.


The presenters share stories and music of a time when performing live was the only way to enjoy the arts.


Hotels often included a brothel upstairs, with restaurant and saloon below.


After a dangerous day underground, miners often needed entertainment, a drink, and companionship. 

"Jay Cravath is incredibly talented, and the presentation was entertaining."

     Anne Marie-Librarian, Sedona Public Library       in the Village Service Center

"Loved the recordings of the old way 'records'."

     Attendee Patagonia Library

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