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Musical Instruments of Arizona

Strings, winds, and percussion that reflect Southwest culture

The story of our state is not complete without music. Featuring live performance on more than a dozen instruments from a variety of cultures, this program explores how music was the purveyor of news, the focus of the town dance, and the glue that held communities together.


The program covers the rich ceremonies of Indigenous tribes, hymns of the Jesuits with Coronado, the tunes of immigrants and military explorers, and the song stylings of contemporary Arizonans such as Marty Robbins.

The rich history is told through illustrations, song, narrative, and interactive participation.

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The flute was the courting instrument among Arizona’s Indigenous peoples.


The harmonica, brought from Germany in the early 19th century, was an essential part of every bunkhouse, camp fire, and trail ride.

"Effective and pleasant to have music integrated with lecture. Interesting historic events and figures."

     Attendee, Burton Barr Library

"Interesting approach blending music and art into the story."  

     Attendee, Chandler Library

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