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Planning & Pricing

Eligibility: The presentations in “The Ballad of Arizona” are available for any public setting, whether it’s a private organization or a nonprofit group. Some talks for nonprofit organizations are eligible to be partially underwritten by Arizona Humanities. Please call for details.

Timing: Please plan your program and reserve your presentation at least two months in advance. 

Promotion: Templates for press releases, posters, and handouts are available for the programs, and will be provided upon request.


Setting: Every presentation relies on musical performances and a visual backdrop. The performers bring all the necessary instruments and computer presentations, while the host organization is responsible for microphones, speakers, and a screen. 

Price: The fee for each one-hour presentation is $500, plus travel where applicable. Please call for details.

Jay _ AH Awards 18.JPG

Dr. Jay Craváth at the Arizona Humanities Awards


Many Native Americans from Arizona served as Code Talkers, using their language to send unbreakable messages (from “Ballad of Arizona”)

Brass Bands.jpg

Touring brass bands were a popular form of entertainment in old Arizona (from “Honky Tonks, Brothels, and Mining Camps”) 


Popular Prescott cowboy poet Gail Gardner helped establish the genre (from “Miners, Cowboys, and Washerwomen”)

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