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The mystery behind one of Arizona’s most recognizable icons 

Kokopelli iconography can be found throughout the Southwest, on everything from petroglyphs to T-shirts.


The Kokopelli story becomes even more fascinating when its history and meaning are revealed, which this program does through narration and music.


In particular, the image represents a traveler along the trails from Meso-America to various Anasazi trading sites such as Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.

Flute Player_edited.jpg

Kokopelli’s flute song brought fertility.

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The Kokopelli image appears on everything from dinnerware to clothing.

"This was a fascinating presentation."

     Stephanie, Librarian

     Pinal County Historical Society Museum

"Interesting insights into Arizona's past that I can utilize as a certified Arizona tour guide."

     Attendee, Pinal County Historical Society

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