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The Ballad of Arizona

Unique cultural events leading to Statehood

This multimedia program, orginally developed for the Statehood Centennial in 2012, features videos, songs, and stories that capture the special character of the Grand Canyon State.

Intermixed with live music and documentary footage, “The Ballad of Arizona” includes both popular and little-known chapters of state history, such as the story of Miami High School’s 1951 state basketball championship, a real-life Hooziers saga.

The program also recounts the tale of forester Aldo Leopold, who came to Arizona in 1909 and eventually wrote hundreds of essays that shaped modern environmentalism.

Other stories include Japanese American internment, Buffalo Soldiers, cattle drives on the Mogollon Rim, the murder of reporter Don Bolles, and the history of dude ranches.

Buffalo Soldiers_edited.jpg

Stationed in southern Arizona, the Buffalo Soldiers were called upon in 1918 to help put down a border dispute.

Dude Ranch_edited.jpg

Although they began in the Dakotas, dude ranches would soon dominate Arizona’s hospitality scene.

DCWM Archives, Wickenburg, AZ

"Entertaining! Learned a lot of AZ history I did not know."      Bob-Caviglia Arivaca Library

"The Ballad of Arizona has gotten even better and more engaging since the last time I saw it, and I thought it actually worked really well as a virtual program. Plus Jay and Dan are great!"

          Ann-Mary Lutzick, Director, Old Trails Museum

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